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Analysis of Internet marketing activity

Internet marketing analysis from The Web Marketing Workshop, the UK online marketing consultantsYour Internet business strategy is in place, your new website is designed and online, and your marketing activity is underway. Now you need to track the results and analyse the effectiveness of generating new business from this campaign.

The analysis and interpretation of all your Internet marketing activity is a crucial part of the process that will help you refine your plans and improve your response rate. The Internet has created a highly measurable medium that can produce powerful business metrics, making it a very pure form of direct marketing where statistical analysis of activity can demonstrate the success, or otherwise, of every £ of marketing spend.

Online marketing that gets results

Whenever The Web Marketing Workshop implements a new marketing campaign for a client, we track the results and then review the campaign as necessary to improve the return on investment (ROI). Data analysed can encompass website user statistics - such as visitors or search engine referrals to website - clickthrough rates from online advertising, conversion rates of visits to enquiries or sales, the cost per lead generated and, of course, the average cost per sale created.

It is only by having access to this information that we can understand the effectiveness of all the different parts of the marketing campaign, or the way that the website is working to convert site visitors into new business leads or customers. Then, by using this data we can test different approaches with the objective of improving the results.

When you employ The Web Marketing Workshop to manage your Internet marketing activity, we shall determine measurable targets and then use the appropriate statistical information to gauge the results we achieve. We will then begin the process of reviewing response data, refining the marketing activity and then testing again to create a ‘virtuous circle’ until such time that the results being achieved are unlikely to be bettered. However, as the market changes and evolves, this process should be never-ending and there will always be room for improvement!

Analysing website usage to increase conversion rates

In this section we focus upon the importance of website statistics to understand the way that your website is being used and how successful it achieves its objectives. However, statistical analysis doesn't always provide the full picture, so we also include a section on qualitative research to help understand why actions are taken (or not taken) on the site.

Most of our analytical work, however, will be tailored to your specific marketing campaign and therefore we would discuss this with you during the initial planning stages, based on the data and budgets available.

To find out more, contact us now to discuss your requirements and objectives. Alternatively, request our FREE 30-minute marketing report and find out how our analysis can make your Internet marketing activity work harder.


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