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FREE Internet marketing report and recommendations from The Web Marketing Workshop, the UK online marketing consultantsThe best way to find out more about our approach and how The Web Marketing Workshop could help your online marketing is to request our 30-minute marketing report* – FREE and with no obligation!

Simply submit your details by using the form below and we will spend at least 30 minutes reviewing your website and market, before preparing an individual tailored report for your business that will include:

  • Comments on your online strategy and market positioning
  • A brief review of your website, looking at its structure, content and functionality
  • An assessment of your online marketing opportunities, including search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising and email marketing
  • Suggestions on the use of site traffic analysis or other research to help develop and strengthen your Internet activities.

Of course, we won’t have access to your historical activity or future objectives and therefore our comments will be based purely on this review from the perspective of a potential site user or customer. However, we will include our recommendations for action that we would suggest could support your online business and this will serve to give you an idea of the approach we would take if you then wished to employ our services.

What we can’t include in this report is a specific quote for your business as this will be dependent on the elements of work you might choose to implement. We shall suggest the priorities as we see them and, where possible, we will provide an estimate of possible costs for these recommendations, but we would then suggest that if you are interested in pursuing some or all of the work further, we can then prepare a specific quote for your business.

To request a report for your online business, please complete the following details and submit the form to us:

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Key objectives and other comments (such as competitors, recent online issues, current activity):

Estimated online marketing budget this year (inc. any website development costs):
Less than £5k £5k - £20k £20k - £50k Over £50k

Finally, please tell us how you first came across our website:

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If you have any other questions or need additional information about our services, please contact us.

* This report is provided free of charge and with no obligation. However, The Web Marketing Workshop reserves the right to refuse applications for this service and we will only assess legitimate business websites that use a registered and hosted domain. In most cases we will endeavour to respond to a report request within 2 working days, although at busy periods this will be provided within 5 working days or, if longer, we shall notify you about the delay.