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Building link popularity

Building link popularity for business websites is offered by The Web Marketing Workshop: UK Internet marketing consultantsMost website owners are aware that inbound links to a site can generate extra visitor traffic. However, relevant inbound links from other popular websites are also an important factor used by major search engines to determine a site's position in their results lists.

Optimised metatags and content can ensure that a website is actually listed in search results, yet the number of inbound links are one of the major factors determining where a website is ranked within a list of results, particularly on search engines like Google. Metatags and content provide the targeting of popular search terms and links provide the power to reach the top.

The importance of 'link popularity' has meant that owners of popular websites are now more aware of the value that a link from their site brings and consequently the number of sites offering free links is diminishing as reciprocal linking (providing a link between both websites) and paid links are becoming increasingly popular.

Some link issues to consider

Before embarking on a link building programme - which can involve some time-consuming research and monitoring - you need to decide on your overall link strategy, including:

  • how many links do you ideally need to gain in order to be competitive in your market?
  • do you want to consider reciprocal linking and, if so, which kind of sites do you wish to be associated with and where on your website do you want to put a links page?
  • do you want to pay for links from other sites and how can you assess the value of these?

How The Web Marketing Workshop can help

We can use our experience to source relevant links for any business sector and therefore we can manage a link building programme for your website to help boost its ranking potential.

  • We will source and recommend other relevant, but non-competing websites, that should provide a link to your site.
  • Once you agree to the list, we will contact these websites up to three times with the objective of achieving a link to your site.
  • We will provide you with a progress report after 3 months and 6 months.

We can also advise you on which paid links and directory listings can provide the best value for your website.

If you would like to discuss the link building opportunities for your site, please contact us now for more information. Alternatively, why not request our FREE 30-minute marketing report to discover what online marketing opportunities may exist for your site.


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