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Website brand strategy

Developing a website brand identity and integrated marketing programme is an important part of online business success.For many companies, developing a website is an extension of their existing ‘bricks and mortar’ business and therefore the branding - and brand values - of the site should reflect the business and create another recognisable channel for customers and prospects to use. For those businesses that are purely an online concern, the website may be the only experience the user will have with the company and the branding of the site is no less important.

The branding a website is therefore a key part of the design process and should be one of the main elements included in the design brief, from the use of the logo, to colour schemes, text styles and images, as well as the tone of content - all of which should reflect your target market and company values.

Whether your business is uniquely online or extending your offline concern, the branding of the website should follow through all material, from e-mails to letterheads, brochures and PR. It is increasingly harder to establish recognisable brands on the Internet these days, without access to huge budgets, but the importance of supporting your brand through all activities remains an important element in the design and marketing of your online business.

How to develop your online branding

  • Identify your brand values and relate these to your target audience.
  • Ensure that these brand values are used consistently throughout the business and across all materials.
  • Create a style sheet to ensure consistency of design and make your branding the core part of your website development.
  • Support your brand values in the way that you conduct business and train all staff to reflect and promote these values.
  • Conduct research into your brand to identify any significant gaps between your expectations and your customers’ perceptions.

How The Web Marketing Workshop can help your web branding

Our marketing experience can help you develop and support your brand values as part of your Internet marketing programme. We can also bring in a number of recommended specialists for larger projects, when required.

  • We can help you to develop your distinctive brand values and create style sheets and guidelines for usage.
  • We will ensure your branding is used accurately and consistently throughout your website and on all your marketing activity.
  • We can advise you on ways to support and enhance your brand values across the business.
  • We can identify and manage research projects into your online branding.

Contact us now for more information and find out how The Web Marketing Workshop can support your branding as part of your website design and development, or in the implementation of your marketing activity. Alternatively, request our FREE 30-minute marketing report to get a wider view of how we can support your online business.