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Content management systems (CMS)

Using content management systems (CMS) as part of a website development and marketing programme can be an important part of online business success.Content management systems have been one of the most beneficial developments for website owners in recent years. The advantages - in terms of time and money - to be able to edit, add or remove content directly on a website, without recourse to the original web developers, have been widely appreciated since the advent of these tools.

There are many CMS packages available and most web developers should offer these as an option. Some provide more functionality than others, but most enable PC-literate users to access their website content online and make a variety of content changes within the existing site structure.

Adding a content management portal to your website gives you a greater degree of flexibility and control, whether you need to add or update product or sales information, attach PDF files, create new some pages within the site structure, or add regular news features and press releases.

The Web Marketing Workshop can advise you about the benefits of such systems, either for a new site development or to add onto your existing site. We can give you access to online demos and provide training on your chosen system, if required, as well as supporting you in updating or extending the content of your site.

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