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Firefox Hacks

Tips & Tools for Next-Generation Web Browsing

Firefox Hacks by Nigel McFarlane

by Nigel McFarlane

Published by O'Reilly, 2005
Paperback, 352 pages
ISBN: 0-596-00928-3

Firefox is the high-powered, feature-rich, open source web browser that is challenging the monopoly of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and is winning converts at an incredible pace. Already with tens of millions of loyal users and many more downloading it each day, Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely, and more efficiently than with any other browser. Imagine a world with no spyware, vastly reduced spam, seamless pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, built-in search, RSS integration, hassle-free downloading, and amazing customization possibilities! It’s not surprising that this next-generation browser is becoming the browser of choice for many.

This book is one of the popular 'Hacks' series of titles and explains how to customize Firefox’s deployment, appearance, features, and functionality, helping to deliver techniques, tools, and strategies for making the most out of Firefox’s outstanding flexibility. You can learn how to:

• Make Firefox look different with skins, extensions, and themes
• Integrate Firefox with other tools, and safely migrate your Internet Explorer bookmarks, history, passwords, and other data
• Make yourself anonymous, turn off caching, stomp on cookies, or flush and clear absolutely everything
• Install, use, and customize extensions, widgets, toolbars and plug-ins – or create your own
• Increase security by stopping all secret network activity, fine-tuning ports and sockets, digitally signing content, dropping security blocks, and more
• Play with preferences, install fonts and character support, govern image and ad display, and otherwise tweak the standard browser window
• Power up your web pages with XML, using Mozilla SOAP, XML-RPC, and WSDL services, as well as MathML, SVG content, XPath, and XSL

Whether you’re an experienced web surfer, a contemporary web designer, or a frustrated IT professional, you’ll find all the user-friendly tips, tools, and tricks you need to make a productive switch to Firefox. Depending on your own specific requirements, you can dip into this book and find the applications you need to make your web browsing safer and more productive.

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