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World Wide Web Marketing

Integrating the Web into Your Marketing Strategy

Third Edition by Jim Sterne
Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2001
Paperback, 432 pages
ISBN: 0-471-41621-5

Now in its third edition, Jim Sterne’s book has established itself as a best selling guide to applying classic marketing principles to the web. Writing in an accessible, non-technical style, he explains how to harness the potential of the Internet effectively with the customer in mind.

Substantially revised and restructured, this new edition starts with the basics of the web and the role that a business web site should take. The emphasis is then focused on customer needs and how a web presence can meet these, from excellent customer service initiatives, to making your web site easy to use and interactive.

Sterne has clearly reflected the changes in the use and application of the web since he wrote the last edition and so even if you own the earlier version, this new version has plenty of new material to make it worthwhile updating your reference material. It's full of current buzz-words, like 'value added' services, personalisation and CRM techniques, but written in a no-nonsense manner with plenty of illustrated examples of good and bad practices.

The book covers online marketing techniques within one section, with brief coverage of search engine placement, links, banner adverts, sponsorship and the like, yet the book is strongest in supporting the groundwork of a successful website and then measuring its success.

The book concludes with a look to the future and how new techniques will impact the marketing approach. This is another section that has had to noticeably change since the last edition and no doubt some of these new predictions will have moved forward into the earlier sections of the book again by the time the fourth edition appears!

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