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Website analytics

Web analytics & site traffic statistics

Web analytics, or website traffic statistics, are valuable for analysing site usage and visitor behaviour.Analysing your web analytics, or the website’s traffic statistics, is the primary way that you can understand how it is being used by visitors and where these visitors are coming from.

Server log files are generated whenever a web page is accessed and this data is usually made available as part of most web hosting packages. The raw data can provide a wealth of usage information but you ideally need a good software package to present the data in an understandable tabular or graphical format.

Such web analytics packages tend to work either by being hosted on your website’s server and analyzing the log files generated, or they can be web based applications that work by reading code which is incorporated into your website. Some hosting packages will include an analytics package, sometimes as an option, but it is best to ensure that you do access to some in-depth traffic data on your website.

Choosing web analytics software

Although the raw log files for a website record the same basic elements of user data, the various web analytics packages that interpret this information can vary greatly in cost and functionality. Some examples include the free server-based applications such as Webalizer, or the online service from Google Analytics, to more expensive, highly customisable packages such as Livestats or Webtrends.

When choosing a suitable package it is important to identify what information you need and how it should be presented. Remember, the value of these tools will only be realised if you can use them to improve your website by understanding usage or to help provide data on your site usability.

How Web Marketing Workshop UK can help

As part of the marketing support we provide, we can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of different website analytics software packages and enable you to choose the best option for your needs. We will also:

  • setup your statistics package and advise you on how to use statistics packages to cater for specific reporting needs
  • interpret the data it produces and provide you with regular reporting and advice, highlighting trends and evaluating specific activities
  • provide your company with training on how best to utilise statistics packages in-house.

To find out more about how we can support your online marketing activity, contact us for more information or request our FREE marketing assessment.