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Twitter marketing

Twitter marketing

Twitter marketing strategies from Web Marketing Workshop UK, UKTwitter is the micro-blogging tool which has become widely used in recent years, providing 140-character posts (or ‘Tweets’) in real time to a list of ‘followers’. Twitter is used both as a social networking and communication tool, as well as a business and marketing resource. However, in the business market, the use of Twitter needs to be handled carefully, as with the many other social networking tools, to avoid alienating users with content that is too commercial.

Twitter can be used as an effective communication tool for news, information or advice. By developing a list of followers who are relevant and interested in the posted content, companies can use Twitter in a variety of ways, either as a mass communication channel, or for contact with small groups or individuals. Twitter content is now being included in the search results on Google and Bing, as well as feeds to other social media sites, such as LinkedIn, so that the potential reach is growing.

Using Twitter for marketing

Companies (or nominated individuals) can set up a new Twitter account and develop a branded page with brief information about the business and a link to the website. There are a number of techniques that can be used to develop a list of followers, as well as to follow other Twitter accounts to keep track of information that may be posted and relevant to a market. As the list of followers develops – and here, quality is more important than quantity – the company can post information that should be relevant and of interest to followers.

There are many tools and applications that can be used alongside Twitter content, including monitoring and measuring tools. In addition, Twitter is looking at ways to create more revenue from the millions of users of Twitter that are now actively using the service each day, so Promoted Tweets is the first option – allowing companies to buy position for their content – and more advertising options are likely to follow. However, Twitter needs to ensure that by including more advertising to the service, it doesn’t alienate the majority of users who utilise the service in its current form.

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Before you start a Twitter marketing campaign, speak to us. We can help you set up your personalised account page and develop the best strategy for your target market. As your Twitter campaign develops, we can help to review and improve the effectiveness of this service as a business tool.

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