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Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing strategies from Web Marketing Workshop UK, UKFacebook has been the social networking phenomenon of recent years, having attracted over 500 million users and it’s still growing in popularity and usage. It now generates more online activity than Google and is therefore a significant online resource that can’t be ignored. However, Facebook isn’t a search engine and because it’s a tool that people use for social interaction, some marketing techniques will not be appreciated by users and so can backfire on companies if not handled correctly.

As Facebook as developed from its early beginnings, the site has recognised the need to generate revenue from the user base and so there are ways that companies can use the site and advertise their services. Many companies are now using Facebook very successfully as a communication tool and as a subtle branding and marketing channel, using the network and social interaction of the site to their advantage, without over-stepping the mark and creating a negative backlash.

Using Facebook for business

Companies can set up their own business page on Facebook, either to promote their location or a specific product or brand. Once created, the page operates much like a personal listing on Facebook, with the opportunity to post content, images or videos and to interact with ‘followers’. The important part of this process is to use Facebook with a clear strategy and to develop the listing to attract relevant followers who then receive suitable communication about the business.

The other main option is to use the Facebook advertising service, whereby adverts can be targeted and paid for on a cost-per-thousand or cost-per-click basis (like Google AdWords). Facebook offers a range of targeting options for advertisers, which can be flexible and highly focused if required, although the Facebook platform often requires some testing to achieve the best formula for a particular advertiser or product.

As Facebook has grown it has become a more competitive space for companies to interact or advertise with users. It’s important to get the Facebook marketing strategy right in order to develop a relevant base of ‘followers’ and to use this list with the appropriate form of communication to develop the loyalty and interaction with these people. Facebook can be highly effective in a number of ways, including customer service, surveys and news or other announcements, and with the continual growth of this resource it’s something that most companies need to consider as an important part of their online marketing strategy.

Find out more about Facebook marketing

Before you start your Facebook marketing campaign, speak to us. We can work with you to develop the best marketing campaign for your target audience and to make use of the resources available. We’ll help to guide you through the set-up process, the content development and the marketing options available on Facebook.

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